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Mice and Men, the True Beginning By: Tristan Horvath "Hey! What you boys doing in my yard?" I asked the two young men who were strolling across my yard. "Sorry sir, we were just cutting threw to get to the road," George tells the man. "Where you boys headed to?" I asked. "We're trying to find some work in Weed," George replies. "Well, what kind of work do you boys do?" "We can do anything sir. We're handy men and we also do hard labor work. We're willing to do anything right now. Just need to find some work to earn some money." "Well, Weed is a good city to find work. When I was in town the other day I heard they were looking for a couple of men to work on the farms. Why don't you talk to Mr. Lucky at the general store? He might be able to help you all out," I suggested.

"Thank you, sir. We'll just be on our way," George relied with a grin. "What's his name?" I asked while pointing to the tall, buff man who didn't look much older then 25 yrs old. "His name is Lennie Small sir". He sure didn't look to small to me. Lonnie was about 6'9" and looked to weigh about 230 pounds. "He's very strong and doesn't mind putting in a good hard day of work. He's my brother." What's your name?" I asked. "My name is George, sir. George Milton." You look like you're not feeling' well there George. Can I get you something to drink?" George looked like he was more of a sickly type. He was on the shorter side, built and didn't look like he felt too good. Well sir that would be rightly kind of you. See here, since Lennie's aunt died, we've have been together ever since," George explained to me. "I see." "You have a nice house sir," George comments. "Ha-ha, that old shack. There are 6 people that live in that and we'll just say it's a little small for a family size of our size," I reply with a sigh. "Who's in there living with you?" George asked, trying to get out of the sun. "I got my wife, 3 kids and my dad. My dad doesn't do anything but sit there in his old chair smoking a pipe. You guys have a place of your own?" I asked, trying to be polite. "No sir," George responds looking over to Lennie. "That's why we're trying to find some work, so we can have our own farm. We want our own farm with lots of land, and animals like, chickens, horses and cows. We want to be able to hire our own people to help us with the crops." George looks into the horizon like he's trying to imagine his dream. Lonnie screams out, "George we going to have rabbits and puppies ain't we?" "Don't worry Lennie; we're going to have them too." Lonnie really wants to have a puppy of his own. "That's a nice dream you boys have. It's going to be hard being a worker one day and then an owner of farm the next day. It's going to take you boys least a good year to save up enough for a payment. They be only paying 40-50 bucks a month if you're lucky and not charging you for food and shelter." I replied trying not to take away their dream. "Yea, we know sir. That's why the faster we get to work, the faster our dream comes true." George said with a wide grin on his face. Hungry, Lennie cries out. "Why don't you boys come in and have some supper before you start walking again?" I asked. "I don't know sir we have least a 20 mile walk to weed and we want to get there while it's still light out." George replied. I could tell he was having a hard time trying to decide about having a nice, warm meal. "Ok then, good luck with the farm." I said. "Thanks sir." George replied tipping his hat. As George and Lonnie start walking down the long, rocky rode to Weed, I headed inside for supper.

"Who were those men?" My wife asks. "Just some boys looking for some work in Weed." I answered her while giving her a hug hello. "Oh well, wash your hands. Supper is done," she said while filling up my plate and putting it on the table. "Hey! I like that red dress you're wearing. Where'd you get it?" I asked with a smile on my face. She never did anything for herself. I was glad she finally had something new on. "I got the fabric in town a couple days ago and sewed it myself with a needle and thread," she said looking very proud of her. "The fabric is so soft and nice. Maybe I'll plan to wear it to go pick flowers in the field tomorrow," she said with a sheepish grin on her face. That was the true beginning of the story Mice and Men.