That military action in iraq was justified.

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Military action in Iraq was justified

The issue that sprung to my mind when the media started to talk about this war was that if the was war in Iraq was not pulled off well then we would rid the world of the tyrant that is saddam Hussein. If it were not properly executed we would rid the world of john Howard, Tony Blair and George bush. So I think you all will agree that whichever way the war went it was win-win situation from the word 'go'

Saddam started a war with Iran that led to the death of around a million people and it was here that he unleashed chemical weapons.

In the late 80s the Kurds were agitating for independence and Saddam's answer to the problem was not compromised or anything rational no, it was to kill them with chemical weapons.

And on top of these two horrific stories throughout this his whole regime he was constantly killing and torturing his own people.

I think this gives us more than enough evidence to suggest that his ways were not going to change but if it isn't, I have plenty more up my sleeve.

Throughout his reign he developed a war-like stance and where he could, he was willing and able to use chemical warfare.

No other conclusion could be made about Saddam. He is and always was a barbaric tyrant and not a lot was going to change.

After the gulf war in 91 Saddam's military arsenal was severely reduced. His chemical and biological weapons programs were curtailed. But what you can't question is that given the opportunity he would have restarted the programs and we can base this on all of Saddam's previous actions.

Time after time Saddam would say one thing and do another.