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The website Stress Management from mind tools at www.mindtools.com focuses in on managing stress directed towards: Individuals seeking solutions, Professionals caring for clients, and Personnel dealing with workplace pressures. The site offers a lot of great advice from Relaxation MP3 downloads, cancer, and life coaching. I find a lot of things positive on the site, but at the same time I would make some changes to make a better appearance.

There are many weaknesses I found on this stress management website. One of the first things I see is the amount of heavy congestion on the opening page. To the left and right side of the screen there are navigation buttons and the middle is full of writing with navigation links, the buttons and links have the same text links which isn't necessary to include on the same page. For a Fee of nearly almost twenty dollars you can download the site in a printable format to help fund the development of the mind tools website.

I personally didn't have a great first impression making me less likely to purchase the printable website format. I would definitely take some of the congestion out and add some soothing pictures to draw more people in and make the purchase seem more worthwhile to the customer.

The amount of information mind tools stress management website includes is by far the most impressive thing that stands out. There's one page on the underlying mechanisms of what stress is, mind tools states; "there are two types of instinctive stress responses - Fight or Flight, and General Adaptation Syndrome." They go into detail about how our bodies react to stress as we become "excitable, anxious, jumpy, and irritable." This is especially true when we are faced with a stressful situation, it's to protect us...