Mississippi Agricultural Aviation Board.

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This paper lays out the application procedure to begin an aerial application firm in the state of Mississippi according to the Aviation Licensing Law and describes requirements for Licensed Mississippi Agricultural Applicators to adhere to the record-keeping portion of the Aviation Licensing Law as enforced by the Agricultural Aviation Board. Information on licensing application, chief pilot qualifications, residential consideration, currency of licensed aerial applicators, pilots, and aircraft registration is provided.

Agricultural Aviation Board Introduction

Created by the Agricultural Aviation Licensing Act of 1966, the Agricultural Aviation Board of Mississippi regulates aerial applicators within the state according to the Agricultural Aviation Licensing Law of 2002 (Clarke 02). The only of its kind in the U.S., the Agricultural Aviation Board is composed of five members. Two licensed applicators, a registered forester, a licensed engineer, and the executive officer of the Dept. of Environmental Quality are the appointed members. The Board is responsible for requiring registration and verifying airworthiness of commercial agricultural aircraft, inspecting airstrips for safety.

The board also follows the competency and currency of the pilots flying those aircraft. The Board is self-supporting through a fee system with the headquarter office located in Eupora and the field office in Winona, Mississippi. (Sims 03)

Getting Started

If you wish to have your very own aerial application firm in Mississippi, you must hold a license to engage in aerial application (applicators license). The Agricultural Aviation Licensing law has set forth a tedious process for obtaining this privilege. First, You must pass an applicator's license written exam for Part 137 operations. Then, you can pick up an application from the Agricultural Aviation Board in Eupora. After filling out the spaces for your name and address (as the owner of your very own firm), your pilots names, license numbers and ratings held, and information...