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In today's society, it is very easy to be conflicted between what is ethical and/or moral. We live in a society where there seems to be a bend to the "rule" or laws. The laws that we have learned to grow and accept seems flawed in many instances because they do not take into account the many changes and challenges that have evolved in our ever expanding society. Previously, the world seemed made up of one culture that was superior to all. This majority created all rules and guidelines and the world was forced to accept these as their leading principles and disciplines. Today, our society has evolved into so much more than our ancestors could have every anticipated. With the growing "melting pot" of cultures, ethnicities, and beliefs that our world has become, it will be imperative to create a moral guide using moral relativism as a basis for making moral decisions.

In the reading by Ruth Benedict, she describes normality as:

The behavior, attitudes, and views that society has adopted by the majority (Benedict, 1934).

Regardless of how insensitive an act may be, it is expected that if a certain act is considered a "norm" within that society, all are expected to abide by these rules. With the growth of America over time, our culture and sub-cultures have expanded above anticipation. There have been many migrations to the United States to escape some of these "cultural norms" placed in these other countries and/or societies. To avoid ridicule and shame, many of these minorities have migrated to the land of the "FREE" bringing with them their own set of beliefs, morals, and standards to surviving in this new society. This statement holds true to the Ethical Relativism article. This article states that:...