Movement of a pre historic culture The Nebulosa Chain

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The Nebulosa Chain is a chain of Islands that stretch from the Digitus Peninsula of Illysium to Obscurata at the East. The Islands were formed by volcanoes and are named after the thick fogs that surround the area caused by warm and cold currents running through the area. These two nations have been in a constant feud and frontier dispute because of this and the fact that the two nations speak different languages there is not a lot exchange in information between them. The people that once inhabited these islands were known as the Lert population. When European sailors came over in the late seventeenth century they brought diseases with them and the Lert were almost killed off. One of the sailors described this culture as amazing seamen with sturdy and fast skin-covered boats. They had semi-subterranean homes next to the seashore and had bone harpoons with stone as the tips for hunting sea animals.

Recently archeological research here has been supported by the Illysium government in hopes to declare that the Lerts originated from there mainland opposed to from the eastern nation of Obscurata. There are approximately 10 islands in between the peninsula on the west and Obscurata to the east. There have been16 sites, from both nations and the islands that have been found, with four of them having undergone excavations. The four excavated sites are Foggy Bottom on Drygalski Island, Echinus Bay on Helios Island, Hecate beach on Erebus, and Lingula Inlet on the mainland of Illysium. (Fig.1) Some of the typical artifacts found from the Nebulosa Islands include; Bone and Ivory tools such as toggling harpoon heads, barbed harpoon heads, hooks and labrets; Obsidian and Chert tools like prismatic cores, both large and micro blades, bifacial discoid scrapers, bifacial burins, bifacial send set points, bifacial...