Movie Stars of the 1920s -- this is essay is about a couple different movie stars from the 1920s. some of the stars are Clara Bow, Charlie Chaplin, Lon Chaney and Louise Brooks

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In the 1920's, there were many famous movies and movie actors. The 1920s were a time when flims really began to become a popular past time, to watch and to star in. In this paper we will explore a few of the actors and actresses who graced the big screen back in the day as well as the movies they starred in.

In the 1920s, many of the famous actors were not actors but actresses. Out of the many, Clara Bow was the "it" girl. She brought vitality, sexuality and naturalism to the screen. Crictics say that acting seemed to come easy to her. Guys wanted her and girls wanted to be her. Some of her movies include; "Down to the Sea in Ships", "Enemies of Women", and "Maytime". another popular movie star back then was Louise Brooks. She was legendary for her amazing beauty and wonderful talent in flim acting.

She got her fame first in the Broadway production "Ziegfield Follies" in 1925. She graced the covers of magazines and starred in dozens of films. She became the most written about actress. She was also famous for her role in "A Girl in Every Port" in 1928. Not only were there actresses, there were also comediennes. A name for one of those would be Mabel Normand. She starred in movies with Chalie Chaplin and Fatty Arbuckle frequently. She also directed twp-reel films.

Now don't think I've excluded the men here. there were many great actors in the 1920s. Charlie Chaplin is a name everyone knows. Now only was he an actor but a comedian as well. Critics have said that Chaplin was probably the greatest actor in all of movie history. I wouldn't doubt that. Some of his accomplishments were "The Gold Rush", "The Kid", and "Modern Times". Another...