My car crash

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Chris Goering


RWS100 10am

Personal Narrative

It's a dreary misty morning, the same as every morning when I leave for school. The streetlights still lit from the night before struggle to breakthrough the muggy gray fog covering the road. I walk outside and can feel the thick wetness on my face, today was special; it was finals day. The pressure of the tests to come looms over-head and creates a stressful aura felt in every tight-lipped response to an inane question asked by the freshman I drive to school. I start the drive to school the same way I would everyday, lazily driving around my neighborhood to fill my car with increasingly annoying passengers, pausing to sit in front of houses while laying on my horn for the kids to hurry up and come outside. After much time wasted, I finally have the car packed and I'm forced to make small talk about our weekend plans or upcoming lacrosse games.

Normally, I like to study in my car before school but because I was forced to spend extra time waiting for my carpool I was later than normal. This minor detail caused me to drive a little faster than normal on my commute to school; little did I know this was a crucial mistake.

While I'm thinking of the numerous things I have to keep track of, dodging questions from freshmen, and trying to keep an eye on the road, I suddenly realized I didn't have my phone. In this technological generation not having a way to communicate for more than 5 hours is considered modern torture so I immediately become frantic looking for my phone. I look in all my pockets, in the cup holder, around my seat, and then look down for a second to check if...