My explanation of the action of people at Mahakarn Fort Community through the concepts of civil society, extra-parliamentary politics, informal politics, participatory democracy, and governance.

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Political Government of Thailand

Based on the video:

Urban Documentary by RhythMatic Studio in 2003.

Urban Documentary by RhythMatic Studios portrays the strive for democracy in a controversial issue taken place known as the Mahakarn Fort Community, which has existed for over 200 years and is the home to many typical old Thai architectural buildings and to its people. Phom Mahakarn is also known for old cultural professions such as producing birdcages. In this issue, the BMA has decided to repossess the land of Phom Mahakarn in order to make it a public park; consequently, the people of the Mahakarn community was left in doubt and abandoned. They gathered together to make demands holding state officials, the BMA, accountable. This is the step taken to illustrate the participation needed to forge a better existing democracy by the people and for the people.

The active citizens in this collective activity in an effort to reach a resolution in the matter is profoundly essential to understanding the significance of a civil society and its power to project their demands into the political sphere.

Indeed, RhythMatic Studios as an independent media and an identified constituent element produced this Urban Documentary as another way to remind and encourage the people of Thailand to participate in their part of the governance. As Michael Herzfeld from the Faculty of Humanities, Harvard University comments, "They have a meeting every evening to discuss ways to solve the problems. They are beginning to see what true democracy is." Their meeting with the BMA to resolve the problems, in a way can be perceived as a protest to defend themselves namely, their homes and community; hence, can be considered as extra-parliamentary politics. This is where they make their living; therefore, these basic reasons are what define these people. Unfortunately, the...