My Great Escape

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My Decision         As I looked at the bell during lunch, it called for me to skip next period Accounting class. It read 12:36, but in my mind it said just leave and watch SportsCenter. As sweat dripped down my forehead, palms, and legs, I realized that it was crunch time. I had never skipped school before, as I longed to be bad. It's my senior year; I mean let me live a little.

        So as I walked out the door of the Ashland High School building, I felt so, so…. relieved. The sensation grew even stronger when I stepped into my car, and felt the 4-cylinder car pull me away from the school. My plan wasn't foolproof, I mean I knew I was going to get caught, and that was the beauty in it. I didn't know until later that the joke was on me.

        As I thought what punishment I would receive on my apparent skipping, I saw the one thing that would bury me faster than an undertaker on a rampage… my mom.

She was driving the opposite side of the road coming toward me, although she was about 50 yards away, I could see her looking at me with the most hate filled eyes, ever. I just drove on as I prayed that she didn't see me, but I knew that she did. Then I looked in my rear-view as I heard screeching tires, and I saw my mom doing a U-Turn. The whole mini-van looked to tip over and roll straight down the hill, but lady luck wasn't with me that day, as the van didn't even go off of the road.

        When we got home I came up with a whole bunch of lies that would later put me in the hole so far, I...