MY Harlem Summer. s harvey. need to know all about rent parties? what about cotton club? ma rainey? cost of food? what to do on night out?

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Mon. July 14 1929 3:33 pm

Wow! My very own journal. I found it for cheap at the thrift store when I was looking for some new boots. I really don't have the money for it, considering my major lack of funds. I can't seem to find a good gig anywhere. I find myself wondering if maybe I should have kept my old job. The Tree of Hope is so crowded it's a wonder anyone is able to get hired. (Levine 237 ) No, it was degrading to work for those high and mighty lily-white cretins. They only know the world of glitz and glamour; they don't know that the real fun is at a rent party. Speaking of which, My friends keep suggesting that I throw one, but I've never done it before. Don't get me wrong, I love a good rent party, but they seem like so much trouble.

I suppose if I could get another person we could have a killer cutting contest. (Barbone) I've been practicing because of all the spare time on my hands, and I think I could hold my own against Willie Smith. (Placksin) Oh that's' a laugh. I may be good, but he's the king I'm telling you. The only one who's better than him, in my opinion, is Fats Waller.( SIMONETTI) What I wouldn't do to see those two going at it. I bet you could hear the music from floors and floors down (Matthews) I can't wait to take Jamie, that's my little sis, to a show. Poor girl hasn't had any fun since our auntie got her hands on her. You see, my mother passed away about six months ago, and I couldn't afford to keep her, and my auntie doesn't think mo old enough anyway, even though I'm...