My Life After High School in the Real World

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        I am writing this career essay to express my interest in m career plans after graduating from Revere High School, class of 2004. My plans directly after high school include attending Ohio State University. I then plan on taking a major in video or photography. I will work as hard as I can to achieve my goal of becoming a photographer. My long-range goal is to become a famous photographer.

        I have already, and will remain preparing for this specific chosen field all throughout my high school career. As a freshman at Revere High School, I went to work with a well-known Cleveland photographer, Nannette Bedway. I have exceptional people skills and am technically inclined. I am also very dependable and will strive to accomplish any task given to me. Any photographer needs to be able to operate and run a computer. I have been working with computers my whole childhood, so this will not be a problem for me.

        During my Jr. and Sr. year I will be taking classes that directly relate to the photography field. Classes that I will be taking include; Computer design, Photography as well as computer applications. All of those classes will really get me set to jump into the field of photography. I am very good with the Adobe photographer program and Microsoft publisher, both of which are needed. I also can set up word and excel documents, which may become handy.

        To achieve my goal I will remain a 3.0 or better student. This will show my first employer that I strive for perfection. I will also try my hardest to me as hardworking as I can. I wont be satisfied with average work when I know I can do better. I will participate in career related opportunities. My overall goal is...