My own expirience visiting a buddhist community

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After driving for about an hour, and passing by the same street in which I could not find the building number 199, I finally decided to get out the car and seek for it walking. I found the building, a typical white house, around four floors tall. Then I noticed that this place was nothing like I expected to be, I imagined I was searching for a "temple", the Cambridge Zen Center. At 7:00pm. I entered a humble environment were I was greeted warmly, it appeared exactly like a normal family house; they made me take off my shoes. Then I went into a waiting were I was told to sit until someone would assist for me.

As I sat in the waiting room I saw a couple of diverse people walking around the house. They were all different but they were wearing the exact same robe on top of their clothes had no idea were I was and what to expect, since I do not have a remote idea of what this is all about.

Ten minutes later a man came to me and told me to follow him to a room in a higher floor with some other people that were there for the first time as well. We entered a TV room, we all sat in the floor and the guy started talking in a very serene way about Buddhist culture. He then talked about what was Zen, "Zen is finding yourself", that is what he said. I was not yet very clear about this whole idea, but then I started realizing that it was a kind of religion were generosity and self discipline rule. He talked about their way of living, and emphasized on the discipline one needs to perform all the activities, not only mentally...