Is Myspace a form of mass communication or mass media or both?

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MySpace is a billion dollar cultural phenomenon that began as a way for people all over the globe to communicate and connect with one another. Since then, it has grown into a medium for artists and thinkers to share their views and talents. MySpace has even become responsible for exposing artists to the mainstream and turning them into stars. For example, Cassie, an unknown eighteen year old R&B singer posted her debut single, Me & U, on her MySpace page. MySpace fans took her single and circulated it, causing the song to be one of the biggest hits of the 2006 summer. The textbook defines mass communication as a means of delivering messages to diverse audiences through different ways. MySpace embodies this by providing different means of communication, through video, text, photos, and song that are accessible to anyone with an Internet connection, anywhere in the world.

MySpace allows for intrapersonal connection through the creation of a profile.

Members are allowed freedom to post whatever they please about themselves, from their favorite movies to a mini-biography in their “About Me” section. Members are also allowed to customize the look of their profile to reflect their own styles and tastes. MySpace allows for interpersonal connection through the sharing of information between members. Members can send messages, videos, photos, and songs privately or publicly between each other. MySpace allows for group communication through the formation of groups with similar interests. MySpace members can join or form groups on any topic imaginable, from groups involving fans of a particular band to groups involving members of the same high school. Each group has a site that allows for any member to post messages to everyone else in the group.

The messages being sent on MySpace vary from advertisements for upcoming movies, albums, and events...