The name of my disease is Marfan Syndrome. It is

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The name of my disease is Marfan Syndrome. It is also known as Marfan's. Antoine Marfan discovered it in 1896. It's found in both genders, and all ethnic groups. Marfan syndrome is an Autosomal Dominant disorder. 75% of all cases are inherited, 25% are caused by a mutation on the 15th chromosome. Features of Marfan's include unproportional limbs, victims are usually very tall, severe nearsightedness(caused by lens dislocation) lungs have more elasticity, which can result in spontaneous collapsed lungs(pneumothorax), flat feet, high roof of mouth, and others. Victims cannot put much strain on their heart, so they can't persorm many physical activities. They undergo many tests for teh rest of their lives. Marfan's can be described as connective tissue disorder affecting the heart, eyes, lungs, and skeletal muscles. Externally, Marfan's appears to make people natural atheletes, making them very tall, with long arms and legs. Interanlly, it causes fatal heart problems, severe nearsightedness, very flexible joints, and could cause spontaneous pneumothorax.

Problems associated with Marfan's are mitral valve prolapse, aortic root dilation, and glaucoma, along with others. Marfan's is very physically limiting for a victim with cardiac symptoms, if too much strain is put on the heart, it could burst. Treatment is possible for Marfan's. A sufferer could be put on beta blockers to slow aortic root dilation or a surgery could replace a weak aorta with a strong one. External symptoms, however, cannot be treated. There is no cure, or therapy, for the disorder. Marfan's can be detected before teh symptoms appear by a DNA sample. It can also be detected prenatally by amniocenteses. There are no carriers of the disease, only victims. Nothing can be done to stop te disease. It is important to continue research because it is a fatal disease, and it lowers the life expectancy of a victim over 30 years.