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Chris Eichenauer 8/15/01 Period 4 Napoleon By Felix Markham Summary:                         The book Napoleon by Felix Markham, tries to show an accurate picture of the life of the Corsican Frenchman who changed Europe. The book shows you things from the time of Napoleon?s adolescence, his military career, and his time as Emperor of France. Napoleon grew up as a child in Ajaccio, Corsica, until he reached the age of nine when he went to study at Brienne one of twelve royal schools set up by Louis the XVI?s in France. There he learned the ways of the military strategy and politics in France. Napoleon was constantly getting nominated to go to a better university due to his supreme intelligence. One such school was Auxonne, a school that taught young soldiers about the weapons and strategies involved in the artillery of the French Army. Napoleon was already a second Lieutenant at the age of 16.

Napoleon was appointed Captain later on in 1792, also the year the king Louis the XVI and his wife were brought tot the guillotine, and the French Revolution took place. Napoleon worked his way up the ladder commanding his artillery unit during the war with Austria. Finally in 1795 , Napoleon had become a General for the Italian Army , and due to the lack of leadership and the idiocy of the French Directory and the Consul. After defeating the Austrians in the south, Napoleon started on the Italian Campaign, and by 1797 he had taken Mantua and had control of all of Lombardy . After taking Italy and signing the peace treaty with Austria, Napoleon returned home to his lover Josephine, although he did not love her anymore he kept her as his concubine.

        In 1798, Napoleon decided to take Egypt, and embarked on his famous Eastern Adventure. Napoleon...