Are Nation Justified in Pursuing National Interests beyond their Territorial Boundaries?

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No nation is justified in pursuing national interests beyond their territorial boundaries. These are extreme violation when countries go into other countries without any permission. If a country is going to take over countries just because they want to, then they should be punished severely by the world community. But if they have needs that their own land can not provide, they need to go to the world community for help and not try to cause wars. They have no need to invade any other countries borders. We have seen what the outcomes are when a country does this. World War Two is a perfect example. It causes wars, world tensions and very long conflicts. Many people end up suffering, and creating refugees. Instead of making problems better for their country they make problems even worse.

Iraq has a long-standing territorial dispute with Kuwait, the neighboring country, which Iraq still claims to be its own part.

It is this dispute coupled with economic problems precipitated by Kuwait's decision to produce surplus oil that forced Saddam Hussain to invade Kuwait in 1990. Iraq says, Kuwait was a part of the Ottoman Empire that included Iraq and Kuwait from the 18th century to 1899. In 1899 however, Kuwait asked for British protection in return of independence in domestic affairs. Ever since, Kuwait remained an autonomous British settlement. In the year 1961, Britain granted independence to Kuwait. Iraq claims that Kuwait had been governed as part of an Ottoman province in southern Iraq and was therefore rightfully Iraq's. However, in wake of strong international support in favor of Kuwait, Iraq gave in and recognised Kuwait as an independent state in 1963. Ever since, the relations between the two neighbours saw several ups and downs. There were occasional conflicts between the two nations along...