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NAVY SEALS         Do you think you got what it takes to be a SEAL? Chances are you don't. The SEAL's motto is "the only easy day was yesterday." (Web 1) They sneak in, accomplish their mission and get out without you knowing anything. These guys are the best of the best of the best, SIR!         SEALs have to do training first to see what it really takes to be a SEAL, while using some cool stuff in the process. The SEALs became the SEALs to carry out their mission in total secrecy.

        The SEALs weren't always the SEALs they are today. Actually, they started out as Naval Combat Demolitions Units which were formed in 1943. It consisted of Naval Construction Battalions volunteers. The NCDUs eventually evolved in the Underwater Demolition Team or the UDTs. Then they became the SEALs that you know today. President John F. Kennedy created the SEALs on January 8, 1962 at 1300 hours.

He wanted to create a Special Forces group for the US Navy. At first there were only two teams, made up of fifty men. SEAL Team ONE was assigned to the WEST coast and Team TWO was assigned the EAST coast. (Mays 1) Kennedy helped create some guidelines for the SEALs and what they were to accomplish. They were:         1. To develop a specialized Navy that could use guerilla/counter guerilla operations to include training of selected personal in a wide variety of many skills.

        2. Development of doctrinal tactics.

        3. Development of special support equipment. (Web 1) So President John F. Kennedy created the SEALs to do the dirty work, but how do they really become SEALs?         The US Navy SEALs must undergo lots of pain and suffering before they can call themselves of the group. It is a very grueling training process to...