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Safety Alert Hand and Finger Injuries

29 May 2008 In 19 out of a total of 34 accidents in 2008, personnel have injured their hands or fingers. The accidents have occurred due to a combination of unsafe behaviour and hidden hazards at the workplace. YOUR HELP IS REQUIRED TO ELIMINATE HAND AND FINGER ACCIDENTS. The following are examples on how YOU can contribute to the elimination of hand and finger accidents on your worksite: • Discuss our house rule "Evaluate the risks involved in the job you are doing,

before and during the job" at safety meetings and during daily instructions. Think First!

• Focus on potential hazards during daily walk arounds (not secured items, sharp

objects (knifes), moving parts, hand and powered tools, slips, trips and falls, electricity, contact with substances, temperature extremes).

• Discuss hazards with personnel at safety meetings. • Discuss work situations with an increased risk of injuring hand and fingers with

personnel. • Discuss in toolbox meetings the use of the correct type of gloves. • Reinforce proper use of gloves during daily walk arounds. • Discuss with personnel the importance of being observant and to report

observations. Attachment 1: Pictures of finger injuries Attachment 2: PPE awareness

HSE Department - May 2008

Finger Injuries

PPE Risk of any hand or finger injury ?

Have YOU considered use of chemical protective equipment (GLOVES)


Have YOU considered use of gloves for the specific work situation

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