Necesity of War.

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The Iliad: By Homer

The Necessity of War

        The Trojan War began when Paris, the prince of Troy, ran off with Helen, the wife of Menelaus. Menelaus was the king of Sparta and very powerful. Menelaus demands that his wife be returned immediately. Paris then denied his demands the Trojan War began. The entire war was fought over a beautiful woman that the two men should have handled themselves. The conflict sparked a war between the Achaean army and the Trojan army. Many men perform at the peak of their physical and mental abilities at battle. The battle for Troy is where the novel takes place and is the most recognized. The war influenced thousands of people's lives in a way nothing else could. The war affected the people of the city, the warriors families, the warriors themselves, Greek mythology and history. As explained in this epic nothing else has as much of an impact on society as does war.

The Iliad explains how necessary war is for people to prosper.

        A war is a conflict between multiple groups of people. They could be fighting over land, beliefs or a woman. Wars can be fought for a day or centuries. People lose their lives and loved ones constantly. Nothing good comes from war, yet it is necessary for war to exist. A necessity is an object or goal that that is needed by a person or multiple people. The Trojan War brought out the best in many men and women, yet it also brought out the worst in them. The Trojan War caused Achilles to fight and die to become the hero in history that he has become. Many of the warriors knew it was necessary to fight, that is way they always fought to their deaths with honor. When...