The Negative Effects of Imperialism in Nigeria (it's possible to go into more detail, but my pages were limited to this many)

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Nigeria is a country with abundant resources and the potential to be a very powerful nation, but it is hampered by many problems. These problems are caused by Nigeria’s colonization by England. Because of this intrusion on their way of life, their future was altered dramatically. The nation of Nigeria as a whole has suffered greatly as a country because of this colonization, its problem is rooted in the way it was colonized and ruled.

The background of the situation is essential to understand its full impact From the way Nigeria was colonized, it was clear from the start that it would bode ill for the future inhabitants of Nigeria. Beginning in the 19th century, the British started to make their presence felt along the coast. In earlier centuries, they had exported slaves from here and other places along West Africa, but this time they had a different goal. “European activities revolved around four major issues: exploration, Christianity, trade, and imperialism.”

Consequently, all these were related, because one lead to the next. Therefore, in effect, all of these were roots of the problems to come. Gradually, in the 1850’s the British began to make their presence felt even more. Then, beginning in 1861, the British set up the policy of indirect rule. Using local chiefs and rulers, they were able to dramatically affect the way the nation was run. By 1905, virtually the entire country was under British rule. Despite the fact that they mostly ruled with indirect rule, they also set up some officials to govern the area, which the local chiefs obeyed.

The non-uniform approach of Western ideas into Nigeria affected its fate dramatically. In addition, the extent of the British’s impact, considerably increased tensions between the Muslims in the north of Nigeria and the Christians in the...