Nelson Mandela: A Real Hero

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What does it take to be a hero? After being in prison for nearly 30 years, then becoming the President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela became a hero to many people around the world. Through a strong, inspiring career, Mandela is one of the most powerful and influential men in South African history.

        Mandela wasn't a hero from day one. He was born on the 18th of July in 1918. Born in Transkei, South Africa, Mandela was the son of Henry Mandela. His father was a Xhosa chief in Transkei (Bio. Com 1). Mandela's father gave him the tribal name Rolihlahla, which means "one who brings trouble upon himself." This was given to him describing the hard life which he had when he was a young man. In Mandela's later teen years, he gave up his right to be a high-ranked person in his tribe to attend college. He attended the University of Fort Hare in 1940.

Mandela became a political activist and was expelled later that year for leading a strike (SRC 2). He later on would attend Witwatersrand University where he would major in law (Bio. Com 1).

        Mandela's career was a challenging one. After graduating at Witwatersrand University, Mandela set up a law practice in Johannesburg (Bio. Com 1). Mandela then joined the African National Congress at the age of twenty-four. This group fought for the social and political rights for blacks in South Africa. A few years later, Mandela and some friends formed a sub-group, called the Congress Youth League. This group was aimed at having non-violent demonstrations and protesting black rights. These groups were frustrated because the country they lived in was ruled by whites, and the blacks were discriminated against. In 1952, after a protest, Mandela was beaten and placed in jail for nine...