New Historicism

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The interpretation of language in the form of speech or written texts is a particular case of interpretation of world and life in general. Once a written text is available, it can be considered apart of the circumstances and actual situation at the time of writing; as a result many critics start to establish a relationship between literature and history which goes along with their believe of the importance of material heritage to the study of history and culture.

New historicism is anew theory that began at the beginning of the 1980,it can be defined as the conjunction of a number of prior discourses, or ways of speaking, about literature and language, and not by inspiration of any single individual .The name most often associated with New Historicism is Stephen Greenblatt, a critic of Renaissance literature, he is an English professor and the progenitor of "the new historicism" theory. Greenblatt published his selection of Renaissance essays which constituted 'anew historicism' it was the first period to generate lots of New Historicist criticism.

It has since become important in criticism of Medieval, and nineteenth century British and American literature, and is working its way through

criticism of modernist literature and eighteenth century literature. He aims to make connections between Shakespeare's plays and the political atmosphere in Elizabethan England, for example, or between his own theory and the intellectual atmosphere during the 1970s and 1980s; He studied the historical background for any works of literature to deepen his understandings of these works and help guard against misunderstandings of the intentions of their authors.

"The circumstances which have most influence on the happiness of mankind, the changes of manners and morals, the transition of communities from poverty to wealth, from knowledge to ignorance, from ferocity to humanity - these are, for the most...