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Fish and Chips-Karen Truong

(Intro: This is the story my grandma had told me about. On a hot day in Vietnam something terrifying happened to them. It was as if a ghost was circling around their house at the time. Because of this, she really does believe in wandering spirits. She always told me about how there are many spirits in Vietnam beforehand. I became a little paranoid after hearing this story. Enjoy reading this wondrous nightmare! In this story, every event that happened is true but put into other words due to everything being in the Vietnamese language. She can vaguely remember some things that happened so I made the best out of it.)

A Childhood Nightmare

Hi, my name is Nhi! It was another beautiful day in my life living in Vietnam. I had been doing all the chores, and working hard to for my parents.

Suddenly the shower had turned on. There was nobody home except for me and my brother. Certainly it was not my brother as he was helping me do the chores. My brother, Thien went to check on the shower with me. Exactly when we opened the door, the shower had already been turned off and nothing was there. Suddenly I heard a door shut from the other side of the house!

"Did you hear that?!" exclaimed Thien

"I did, this is really creeping me out but I think it was just something that caused it to suddenly turn on, it was surely just a coincidence, however as for the door, it must be the wind." I said trying to reassure myself that there was nothing big about these events.

We both ignored the situation going back to our normal activities on a busy day. My parents had still not come...