No mans an island

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Reading through "No man's an island" by John Donne and "My very good dear friends" by Chief Dan George it struck me how even though the two pieces had been written centuries apart each author tries to convey the same message. Each using a different writing style is capable to capture the audience's attention and spark their imagination. The message is clear, unity. The authors suggest that if all people came together they could achieve greater feats than ever imagined, each individual bringing his special gift to build up the whole.

John Donne stresses in "No man is an island" that 'If a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less'. It reflects the author's opinion that it doesn't matter who you are, how rich or poor you are, educated or not, we are all part of civilization and we all have something to contribute.

If a human being loses an arm or a leg he is less capable of functioning within his normal bounds therefore affecting the whole body. The same goes if an individual perishes, he is no longer able to contribute to the whole and society suffers. I actually found this piece kind of ironic, John Donne speaks of togetherness yet probably about the same time Europeans were discovering other parts of the world and exploiting and killing the inhabitants of these lands.

Chief Dan George writes about an age where everything was innocent and beautiful. Where his people looked for guidance to spirits, we now rely on computers and experts, psychologists and politicians to lead us through our daily lives. They took care of nature the way it took care of them, giving back what they took. Then the Europeans 'Like a crushing wave' came and used and abused...