North Korea (War and Life)

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North Korea is one of the most secretive countries in the world. Its people and government are extremely isolated from the rest of the world. A select few at most are only able to come in and see the inside of this hidden "world", all of its own.

North Korea has about 120,540 square kilometers in its boundaries. This is about the size of Mississippi, so it is not very larger at all. It has a population of 22,912,177, most of which have no connection with the outside world and hate Americans with a very scary and dangerous passion. The government is Communist, with a one man dictator. The current leader, Kim Jong il, has been the leader since his fathers' death in 1994. He was officially announced Kim Sung il's predecessor in 1980 and took the position without opposition. He inherited a very mismanaged economy that has been falling for many decades.

The people of North Korea are very poor and very hungry. The nation is dealing with its eleventh year of a food shortage due to lack of arable land, farming techniques, and constant shortages of fertilizers and fuel. The country has always spent the surplus of their money on the military and weapons of mass destruction research.

One of the most major events that is known about North Korea, is the Korean War. In early 1949, Kim Sung il was very obvious that he wanted to take South Korea over. He expanded the army rapidly and started bond drives began to amass the necessary funds topurchase Soviet weaponry. The thirty-eighth parallel was the dividing line between North and South Korea and soon border incidents began breaking out. Neither Seoul, capital of South Korea, nor Pyongyang recognized the parallel as a permanent and legitimate boundary. Although...