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To What Extent Has Religion Been The Most Important Factor In Shaping The Current Situation In Northern Ireland Today? The current situation in Northern Ireland is divided over who should rule Northern Ireland.

The Catholics in Northern Ireland want Northern Ireland to be ruled by a government in Northern Ireland.

The Protestants in Northern Ireland think the government in Great Britain should rule Northern Ireland.

The majority of people in Northern Ireland are protestant; Catholics are the minority in Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland is not only dividing religiously, it is also divided in politics and it has two different cultures.

On each side of the argument are paramilitary groups.

The Northern Ireland Assembly has two sides, the Unionists, who are generally protestant and support the union between Northern Ireland and Britain.

The Republicans, generally catholic and want a united Ireland and England to withdraw its army. "Sinn Fein" is a republican party who are said to be the political side to a paramillaty group, the IRA, the Irish Republican Army.

The IRA is one of many paramilitary groups in Ireland. They are fighting for a united Ireland and have been since 1921.

Another group the UVF is fighting for Britain to remain ruler of Northern Ireland.

The Protestants in Norton Ireland have a British background and a British culture.

The Catholics have an Irish background and an Irish culture.

We need to look at Irelands past to see why there is all this conflict.

In the 16th centaury the relationship between England and Ireland.

English rulers began to take a closer interest in Ireland; they feared Ireland could become a threat to England's power.

By 1560 England had no links with the Roman Catholic Church and England became a protestant country. Ireland remained catholic, catholic enemies in Europe could use...