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A little man in a white suit in a laboratory way up on some spooky hill takes some stem cells and puts them into a test tube. Dr. DoWrong playing good and is trying to make a clone of himself. After a few failed tries something happens and a baby starts to form and nine months later there is an exact copy of Dr. DoWrong. There is some thing wrong with this picture because human was just created that is exactly like someone else.

Strictly speaking a clone refers to one or more offspring from a single person that has the same genetic composition and is identical to that of the predecessor. There is no sex involved in the making of clones. Since there is no sex involved there is no new genetic material introduced the clone ends up being identical, clones have no choice but to have the genes of the single parent.

This child born in my eyes has no soul and could never find his place in the world. Also a clone baby would be subject to all kinds of testing and would never be allowed to live a normal life.

When two people get together a sperm from the male and an egg from a female are put together to start life. This is how god wanted it to be. This way two sets of chromosomes are put together to make up the baby, this way there is no way to tell what it is going to look like. But it is a sure bet that there isn't anyone out there in the world that looks like him or ask like him exactly. This child born has a soul, and is his or her own person in every way.