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Matthew Bloomberg 5/14/14 Novel Project

Savvy by Ingrid Law

! Summary. Savvy, the story of a young girl that does as much as possible to prove her power. Mississippi (Mibs) Beaumont is a thirteen year old girl waiting for her savvy to appear. In the Beaumont family, at age thirteen you earn your savvy, or special power that nobody other than the Beaumont's know about.For example, her brother can control electricity with his mind and her other brother can control water. It is Mibs turn to inherit her savvy, however two days before her thirteenth birthday her Poppa gets into a terrible car accident. Mibs believes her savvy is that she can wake people up and hopes to do that to her Poppa. When Mibs realizes she needs a way to get to her Poppa far away from where she was, she became a stowaway on a pink bible bus. She did not realize the bus was going the complete opposite direction of her Poppa. When she finally arrives at her Poppa after many obstacles she realizes her savvy is not to wake people up, however her Poppa did live. She later realized her savvy was not necessarily life saving, but she did inherit a savvy that allows her to read any ink on a persons body, such as a tattoo or pen. ! Personal Response. This novel was full of action and twists and turns. This novel showed me how important it is to care for family and something could happen to them at any time. This young girl showed me how important her family was to her and she did everything she could do to believe that her Poppa would live. Even though her savvy couldn't do it, her heart could. She believed in...