Nuclear Power: Pros and Cons

Essay by stelth131High School, 11th grade February 2004

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I explained whether these statements were true or false, and gave the pros and cons of Nuclear Power after I had addressed the questions.

1. Home smoke detectors contain radioactive materials.

2. Radioactive materials and radiation are unnatural and did not exist until created by scientists.

3. All radiation causes cancer.

4. Human senses can detect radioactivity.

5. Individuals vary widely in how they are affected by radiation exposure.

6. Small amounts of matter are converted to huge amounts of energy in Nuclear weapons.

7. Physicians can distinguish the difference between cancer caused by radiation and from other sources.

8. Medical X-rays are dangerous.

9. Nuclear power plants create serious hazards to public health and the environment.

10. An improperly managed Nuclear power plant can blow up like a nuclear weapon.

11. Some nuclear waste products must be stored for centuries so radioactivity cannot escape.

12. New dangerous elements are being invented every day.

13. Nuclear power plants produce material that can be converted into nuclear weapons.

14. All nuclear medical techniques are highly dangerous.