Nuked, why nuclear weapons should be banned

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BOOM! That's the sound of a nuclear bomb going exploding, and a split second after a person hears that sound he most likely will be turned into a bed of ashes by the wall of fire that's coming towards him at 100 mph. If he's not burnt to a crisp by this great wall of fire, he will be killed by the nuclear fallout that will eat him alive starting from the inside and working its way out. There are many other nuclear weapons besides the atom bomb that kill, for example mustard gas. Mustard gas was used in the Desert Shield/Storm war on us by Sadaam Hussain and his men. This is the main reason why all of our men that were in the war in Saudi Arabia are now having medical problems. This is one of the three main causes nuclear weapons should be banned, not to mention the amount of money they cost, and the space they take up.

The main reason nuclear weapons should be banned is the simple fact that they kill or severely injure. The most remembered use of a nuclear weapon was during World War 2, when we, the U.S., used the bomb on Nagasaki and Hiroshima killing millions and destroying everything in those cities. Not everyone died at once, some people died instantly while others died a slow, agonizing, painful death. The painful death was caused by fallout, which is a radioactive chemical used in making the bomb. The chemical is usually radium or plutonium, and is very deadly when inhaled. The stuff is spread everywhere when the bomb explodes, and then falls to the earth as light dust. If a person intakes a small amount they have a chance at living, but with severe health problems for the rest of...