NX Evaluation

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NX Evaluation

After using Siemens NX 8.0 for six weeks I had a chance to work with many different kinds of features that they offer. Many of the options offered made making parts a much easier process. There were still a few of the functions that even after looking at the book still were hard to figure out.

The first function that I liked the most was the extrude option. From using AutoCAD a two-dimensional program to a three-dimensional was a big change for me. NX made extruding easier by having a visible command button to turn two dimensional drawings into three dimensional models. The next function that was very convenient goes along with the extrude feature. The part navigator window is very useful. This allowed me to go back and change an extrude if I had to do so. This helped me save time so I wouldn't have to start over if I made a mistake while creating the sketch.

This window also let me name different extrudes, so for the parts that needed a lot of separate extrudes I could keep them in order. A feature that also became very useful was the chamfer and rounds functions. These two features would make rounds on parts that were already extruded, it was convenient because I did not have to edit the sketch to create a chamfer or a rounded edge.

Another feature that helped me make drawing fast and efficient was the snap to functions. These functions of snap to angle, midpoint, center or corner all helped with the drawings. Instead of me having to find certain measurements I could just hover over either end of the line or middle of it and it would snap to that point. A lot of the drawings were based around squares and...