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"McDonald's, McDonald's, Kentucky fried chicken in the Pizza Hut"

Every day America is being faced with a national disaster- whether it may be an internal or external threat. As a strong nation we are able to face our problems, and quickly devise a solution. However, while focusing on these problems, we become too blind to even realize our number one problem as a country- obesity. In numerous countries around the world, people are dying due to the lack of food and starvation. However, here in America, we face a different problem- people are dying of over indulgence. The truth is that 45% of the American population is obese, and this number will only continue to grow if we unable to face it with a solution. In the movie, "Super Size Me", Morgan Spurlock is able to affectively identify and discuss the problems linked with obesity and what we can do to fix this dynamic disaster that is slowly devouring our nation.

He helps Americans realize that due to our lack of physical activity, easy access to junk food, and ignorance, we have become a nation that is "heavily obese". One may ask, why are Americans so overweight? This question can be answered with many correct responses; however, I believe the number one cause of obesity is our environmental influences. By increasing our physical activity, deleting forces that contribute to our obesity (TV, AIM), and sustaining a healthy diet, we are able to face this growing epidemic as a nation.

If college is supposed to be the best four years of your life, then why waste any moment? Instead of watching countless hours of TV or staying up till late hours chatting on AIM, why don't you spend a couple of hours participating in some form of physical fitness.