"The Old Man and the Sea" by Ernest Hemingway

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Ernest Hemingway

A Discussion and Analysis of one of his Major Works

"The Old Man and the Sea"

The purpose of this research paper is to identify one particular writer who epresents particular interest to myself, to which extent I shall identify one major work as well as a minor work by this author. Similarly, I shall include a biography of this author as well as some published criticism. To begin with, the author in question is Ernest Hemingway, and the primary work in question is The Old Man and the Sea. To begin with, I should like to identify a theme based upon The Old Man and the Sea. Man and the sea has had a long, intricate, profitable and sometimes contentious relationship for thousands of years. The history of man is irrevocably linked with that of the sea and, as man became more and more sophisticated, so did his relationship with the sea.

The Old Man and the Sea

A Summary and Overview

The Old Man and the Sea is a story, in my view, about man vs. the elements, individuality, and one

man's obsession to dominate his world. For Ernest Hemingway far more than for most men, the specter of

age was a terrible specter indeed, and the virtue of

action upon which he had based his art in his life was the virtue of the young. This, I believe, pervaded

the legendary figure of Ernest Hemingway as the youthful, virile adventurer, tempered with humility.

Hemingway has been notably preoccupied with

individualism as well as self-endurance and, in my view, no where is this more exemplified than in his

novel The Old Man and the Sea. The Old Man and the Sea is basically a story about an old man who sets

out in a...