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I. One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez II. One Hundred Years of Solitude is the history of the isolated town of Macondo, with regards to the most important family, the Buendías. The founder of the town, and the head of the Buendia family is Jose Arcadio Buendia. His characteristics are found in some ways in each of his two sons, Jose Arcadio, and Aureliano. A civil war soon breaks out, shattering the peaceful of existence of the town with violence and bloodshed. Aureliano becomes leader of the liberal rebels, and gains fame by gaining control of the town as Colonel Auerliano. The fame he earns during the war brings attention to the town, and soon it starts to modernize with the implementation of a banana plantation. The plantation soon begins to exploit the land and the workers for profit, something the people of the town aren't accustomed to.

Thousands of the workers are massacred, which is followed by years of ceaseless rains, flooding the town. This sends the town on its final decline, with the Buendia family slipping away as well. The town then returns to the way it began, solitary, alone from the outside world. The few remaining Buendia family members choose to remain alone, and they depend on only themselves. The book explains to the reader that all the while the Buendias were living their lives, they were merely living out a predetermined cycle of great success, and great tragedy.

III. There were many characters in this book. They were not gone into in detail due to the fact that the book spanned six generations, and that its purpose was to show how the people repeated in cycles. Therefore, I will discuss two of the characters, who I felt stood out, Jose Arcadio...