Our Proposed Cure for Cancer

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The invention that my partner and I worked on was A CURE FOR CANCER. My partner and I chose this topic to work on because so many people in our world die every day from this tragic disease of cancer. The cure for cancer is still unknown so we wanted to create a pill for patients who are suffering from cancer , and the pill is made with herbs , minerals, vitamins, and exotic vegetables.

What our invention will do to remedy the problem is , it will help our cancer patients destroy there cancerous cells and tumors in there body , when the patients takes the pill the pill goes to work immediately. By inventing this pill with so many beneficial vitamins it becomes a Cure for Cancer. The patient will no longer have to go through harsh treatments of chemotherapy or radiation .

The materials we have used in our pill are many each item is used for a certain benefit in our patient.

To shrink tumors and destroy harmful cells we put Garlic, Onion, Carrots, Cabbage, Vitamin E , Rosemary selenium, Ginkgo , Beta carotene , Red clover chaparral, Fo-Ti ( increases energy), and licorice. To help fight fatigue for people who have gone through harsh treatments of chemotherapy we put in B complex vitamins , Soy Bean protein, Suma (energy tonic), Asparagus, Chives (prevent anemia). To promote healing we put in Echinacea, and Aloe Vera juice. To protect people from Chemotherapy and Radiation We use Aloe Vera Juice and Asian Ginseng. To strengthen the body's immune defenses we use Vitamin C, Vitamin B complex, Shitake mushrooms , Astragalus, Echinacea. To help appetite and reduces inflammation we use Alfalfa blessed thistle , Cayenne Pepper , Dill ,Fennel, and Hyssop .

The invention will work by the patient taking the pill an 1 hour before each meal on a empty stomach that equals to 3 times a day . Eating three balanced and healthy meals, and exercising 4 times a weeks for at least 20 minutes . The reason we tell our patients to do it on a empty stomach is because in order for the pill to go straight to work you need to have a empty stomach .

The people who will benefit from this invention are people who are suffering from the tragic disease of cancer. The good thing about it is that because the pill is so high in vitamins and vegetables the patient does not have to take any other vitamins or eat extra vegetables . In our recent studies 95% of our patients who have been taking our pill and following the diet plan have got rid of tumors and destroyed many of the cancerous cells, and another study showed 35% of our patients became cancer- free.