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Under the colossal tree stands a thirty five year old Garage which is covered in dust, grape vines, and has the smell of dust, pepper trees, and the old stale smell of rotting wood. Inside is a number of old items covered in a blanket of dust, cobwebs, and bugs. The door to the garage has a broken, rusty latch, and is made an awful screech when opened. As I gazed inside I saw a very old white Porsche. It was covered in a 2 inch thick blanket of dust.

Cobwebs were streaming off of it like the stems from a tree branch. Looking closer at the old car I saw the inside. It was exactly the opposite of the outside. It was as if someone had gone into the inside of the car had cleaned it. It had a unique shine from the sun glimmering off of the upholstery On the front side of the car.

Lying next to the old car was a few old fold out chairs that must have been sitting for at least 8 years. They where also covered in a great amount of dust and cobwebs. The color of them remained a mystery due to the dust. The front of the shed contained a window which was broken. Lying on the floor where the missing segments of the window which glimmered in the sunlight.

The roof of the garage was warped most likely due to the constant pressure of the rainfall over the years. The walls of the garage where covered in vines which grew through throughout them. A number of spiders where exploring the garage premises via the inhabited cobwebs. They delicately moved across the shimmering cobwebs with their eight tinny jointed legs. Looking in the air at one of the webs, I saw a fly struggling to escape the sticky grasp of the silk web.

Slowly but circumspectly a spider inched closer and closer to the fly, waiting for the right time to make its kiss of death. The floor of the garage was infested with a great amount of tinny bugs of different shapes and colors. The floor was also covered with a small stream of tinny ants working away picking and hauling away small chunks of food, just small enough for them to carry on the backs. I could here the sound of the cars passing the old street that lies next to the garage. I could feel the walls of the garage shake due to the base of the rap music being played by the drive by cars. I could also feel the cold stale air that surrounded me.