Outline of Buddha

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Outline of Buddha

1. Buddha gave is first sermon to five wisdom seekers. The sermon was a land mark in the history of world religions. Buddha taught the four ideas, calling them the Four Noble Truths.

2. First noble truth: Everything in life is suffering and sorrow

3. Second truth: The cause of all this pain is peoples self centered cravings and desires. People seek pleasure that cannot last and leads only to rebirth and more suffering.

4. Third truth: The way to end all pain is to end all desires.

5. Forth truth: People can overcome their desires and attain enlightenment by following the Eightfold path.

6. The steps of the Eightfold were right knowledge, right purpose, right speech, right action, right living, right effort, right mindfulness, and right mediation.

7. Buddha taught his followers to treat all living things.

8. Buddhism did not require complex rituals

I. Buddha

A. Buddha's sermon

1. Five wisdom seekers

2.Landmark in history of religions

3.the Four Noble Truths

II. Eightfold path

A. Steps of the Eightfold path

1. Right knowledge

2. Right purpose

3. Right speech

4. Right action

5. Right living

6. Right effort

7. Right mindfulness

8. Right mediation

III. Devout Buddhist

A. Treat all living things with loving-kindness

1. Humans, animals and even insects

IV. Buddhist and Hindus

A. Are similar

1. However, Buddhism's rituals are not complex

2. Buddha's teaching was more simple than the Hindus.