An overview on wheather or not fatty foods can impair your thought process.

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A brief synopsis of "Food for Thought".

Can fatty foods impair your brain function, memory, or even inhibit your leaning ability? This article suggests just that.

Based upon a study done by two professors at the University of Toronto, and published in the journal Neurobiology of Learning and Memory; your memory can indeed be inhibited by a diet high in saturated fats. This study was conducted on a controlled group of lab rats. In which a wide spectrum of cognitive functions such as memory, spatial ability, and rule learning were tested. Of the two control groups one was fed a diet high in saturated fat, while the other was fed a diet consisting mainly of unsaturated fats. It was found that the group that was fed a diet consisting of saturated fats suffered more impairment than those whose diet did not.

Fat widely known to clog arteries.

Builds up a level of plaque on the inner walls, restricting the flow of blood to the body and also the brain. Thus hindering the ability of the brain from functioning properly. Fat is also known to impede the ability of the cells to metabolize glucose. Glucose is important to the brain because, a deficiency can result in an impairment of the brain.

When looking at the findings of the two scientists. We must consider how close in nature human brains are to rats, while also realizing what fat does to our body. In conclusion after looking at the findings a strong hypothesis can be made. Maybe we as

Americans should be more concerned about the foods that we eat, and how they affect us. True, maybe having that extra hot dog isn't going to affect us right at the moment. Or is it?



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