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and avant-garde opinions and abandoned their idea of fame through their son (Duane 17). Casagemas had become miserable too, after a failed relationship, he fell into a deep depression. Angry parents and a depressed friend prompted Picasso to move onto Madrid after only one night in Barcelona. A true starving artist in Madrid, Picasso hardly Pablo Ruiz Picasso was born in October of 1881, in Malaga Spain, to Maria Picasso Lopez and Don Jose Ruiz Blasco, who worked as a museum curator, art teacher, and an average painter (Duane 10). Pablo was encouraged at a very early age to paint and draw, his first oil painting was at the age of nine, entitled Picador. By 1895, at the age of fourteen, Picasso's father was offered a job teaching at the La Longa art academy in Barcelona. By the age of fifteen Picasso had earned the respect of the most distinguished artists in Barcelona (Duane 13).

In 1900, Picasso moved to Paris with his friend and fellow painter, Carlos Casagemas, they settled into a small studio in the Montmartre region of the city, a dilapidated area crowded with prostitutes, pimps, criminals, circus performers and general lowlife. After only two months in Paris, Picasso and Casagemas returned to Barcelona. Picasso's parents had a difficult time understanding Picasso's new Bohemian appearance had enough money to survive and soon learned the disturbing news that Casagemas had shot himself in a Parisian Café, because the woman he loved would not return his affection. Picasso once again returned to Paris, once a source of inspiration for him, was now leaving him feeling lonely, isolated and depressed and he again returned to Barcelona.

By the end of 1901, Picasso had begun a series of painting which would become known as his Blue Period. The subjects of...