Patient Education Plan: Endometriosis

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Catalina is a middle class 27-year-old married Hispanic female; she was born and raised in the United States. Her education includes a high school diploma, she attended one year at a community college, and has recently received her certificate in paralegal studies. When Catalina was seven, she had a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy, but otherwise has no other significant medical history. Her family history includes hypothyroidism and coronary artery disease. Catalina prefers to learn visually, enjoys reading, and verbal explanations; she works part time at a small law-firm. Catalina has been experiencing intense pain in her pelvic area throughout menstruation for about two years, forcing her to miss work and stay at home, causing her feelings of isolation and depression. Along with the pain she also experiences heavy bleeding during her menses and spots between her menstrual cycles. Catalina is usually an outgoing, happy person with many friends, but lately the pain and uncertainties' regarding what was wrong with her has caused Catalina to feel anxious and irritable.

Following a recent laparoscopic procedure she was diagnosed with moderate to severe endometriosis. Catalina is not well informed regarding endometriosis, she tells her friend that she doesn't even think she could have it, stating, "Hispanic's cannot get endometriosis." Catalina and her husband plan on having children in about five years once they are a more stable. Catalina goes on to say, "I want my pain and mood to be better before trying to have a baby."Endometriosis is a painful disorder of the female reproductive system. In endometriosis, the tissue that normally lines the inside of the uterus becomes implanted outside the uterus, most commonly found on fallopian tubes, ovaries and tissue lining the pelvis region. Rarely does the endometrial tissue spread beyond the pelvic region, (Mayo Clinic, 2006). Further research has...