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In my attempt to improve the flow of patients from the emergency room of hospital admittance to a ward, I will apply the W Edwards Deming model. In applying the Deming four step process model "PDSA" Plan, Do, Study, and Act.

The plan would be in this case would be to understand the patient's checks and treatments already established for a patient arriving to the emergency room with fractures, which will require to be admitted to the ward. I would begin by collecting data and look at if I need to implement a change in the system.

My first plan would be looking in into the procedure and collecting data on when one comes into the emergency room. Information is instantly collected as the patient is received through the door, or if an ambulance service brought them, information is exchanged from the ambulance crew and the receiving staff.

This information determines the type of care anticipated during triage. This information is placed on a click board which follows the patient to ensure all information is completed to complete this process. General information is maintained on the patients typically around the wrist or ankle of the patient. This information would include patient full name, age, and social security number in full, assessing number or color band and with any allergic problems visually seen, just in case the patient is not unconscious. The completed information is established on a large board for tracking purposes, patient's name, which room they are being triage in, name of the physician leading the evaluation with any major notes (fractured arm). This information is also placed in the data system, Composite Health Care System (CHCS) in order to track ad add data that will be organized within data and can be use to...