Peace in The Middle East

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Peace in The Middle East

Maintaining peace at all times between all countries in the world is illogical, but the way these feuds are dealt with is a different story. When dealing specifically with the war on Iraq, war was the last option on our long list of things to do in order to solve matters between the United States and Saddam Hussein's crazy regime. After trying many other tactics to keep the peace, our president decided to begin war. Did we have any other option? Was our country in danger? Did we have another choice? Being unable to control Saddam Hussein is our biggest concern and not being assured that he won't go off and do something much worse than he has already done puts fear in the hearts of all Americans as individuals, families, and as a nation. That is the reason why it is completely necessary to keep peace.

The United States has transformed into the enforcer of human rights for the rest of the world. When Saddam Hussein threatens, murders, and lies to his people and other countries, we take it into our own hands to keep the peace. Should we really be worried about other countries? No, the welfare of our citizens should be the most important thing to our president. Everyone knows what Saddam Hussein is doing to his country is wrong, I don't think that America should get involved in this point in time in other peoples problems when we have so many of our own. Many Americans are still feeling the effects and have not recovered from the terrorism that has been committed against our country, and comforting these people should be number one on our list unless our country is in serious danger of getting harmed again.

One of our...