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Peasant Revolt DBQ

This revolt lasted from 1524 till 1526, it began in the German states, and the main reason for the revolt was new Lutheran ideas that were beginning to go against the traditional Catholicism ideas.

Documents 1,4 and 5 give insight on the views those who were on the nobility side, Documents 2 and 3 give more specific details over the views of peasants and finally for Documents 7,8 and 12 explain how the mainly how the revolt didn't have much meaning behind it.

Documents 1, 4, and 5 explained the point of view of the nobility which mostly all of the nobility agreed it was negative. In Document 1the Chancellor of Bavaria wrote how he believed that the revolt was simply the belief of the time and that's why so many peasants were following the same belief. Yet the chancellor doesn't realize the side of the peasant who strive for a better life for themselves, they simply want to have more rights for the individuality.

In document 4 it explains how they have not reach any religious achievements, so for their freedom they must give a large amount of money to buy their freedom. As for document 5 a pope explains how the peasants are more like salvages and act very ruthless during their revolt. All 3 of these documents are more than likely extremely biased since the nobility only wanted to better themselves and nobody else.

Document 2 and 3 explained how the peasants felt during the revolt which they unlike the nobility believed their actions were going to a positive cause. In document 2 a local craftsperson explain how the lords been cruel to all peasants. He is stating the lords and nobles should offer payment for their services not simply force them to do...