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Politics: The Pelican Breif Masking his voice and dressed in a disguise, the assassin carried out his orders. He murdered two Supreme Court judges, and escaped without a trace. No one in Washington could figure out who would kill these two respected men. It took a graduate student from Tulane to change the question from whom to why for the case to be solved. The student named Darby Shaw realized both judges were complete opposites on the political spectrum, except in issues involving the environment. They were both strong supporters of environmental conservation. Shaw did research and uncovered that an oil tycoon named Victor Matece had plans to harvest oil near an environmentally protected marsh in Louisiana. His efforts were halted by an environmental group called Green Peace and the case went to the highest court in the land. Miss Shaw also accused Matece of removing opposition to his cause with the plan of buying off the judges that would be the replacements.

All this had to happen while the current president was in office, because Matece was the largest contributor to his presidential campaign. Matece was entitled to a few favors. This statement accused the president of doing wrong and could have ended his entire political career. Her theory got into the wrong hands and soon those who read the file began to drop like flies. Darby Shaw only survived the ordeal through intelligent thinking, and the help of a newspaper reporter with whom she becomes a close friend. The name of Miss Shaw's file was the "The Pelican Brief," this title is also the one given to the movie that has this believable plot.

The reporter, who befriends Darby Shaw, goes through a change from being only concerned with his story to showing compassion for his...