People v. Alvin & Bill

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You are a judge and must reach a decision in the following case: (Because there are only 2 answers, guilty or not guilty, its ok to duplicate someone elses decision. Just make sure you fully explain your reasoning.)

Alvin, Bill and Charley are partners and prospectors in a diamond mine in Strayer State. They fear tresspassers might steal diamonds from the mine when they are away, so they keep the location of their mine a closely guarded secret. The three men are lifelong freinds and frequently journey to their mine together to dig and search for the diamond vein that will make them rich.

One day while excavating in their mine the three friends hear a terrible rumble and discover that a massive cave-in has collapsed the access tunnel leading to the surface. They are trapped beneath hundreds of feet of rock.

As the days pass by they search for any other possible escape routes but find none.

They have many gallons of drinking water stored in their mine, but no food. They become weak and sit near the cave-in hoping someone will find them. They realize that it may be a very long time before any rescuers arrive. Days continue to pass, and without food the men agree they won't last much longer.

Charley suggests that in 7 days if there is still no sign of a rescue, one of the group should sacrifice himself to be eaten by the other two. And 7 days after that, one of the remaining 2 men should sacrifice himself for the other. It may seem gruesome, but it would prolong their lives and enhance the slight possibility of some of them being rescued.

Alvin and Bill are shocked and outraged at first. But a few days later, both hungrier and weaker,