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Columbus and his Expeditions

"Columbus, the Indians, and human progress" is an article written by Howard Zinn. I found the article from "A People's History of the United States". Howard Zinn claims to show a series of controversial facts about Christopher Columbus and the Native Amercians, to prove that Columbus forcefully took the Arawak Indians as slaves, and took advantage of their assets to only become famous.

Howard Zinn states the main historical facts of Christopher Columbus's Pinta, Nina and Santa Maria that landed in the Bahamas on 1492. That was when Europeans and Native Americans first came into contact, the Arawak people came out to greet the Europeans, but the Europeans were only interested in finding gold. Making the Arawaks slaves was Columbus's first plan as soon as he figured out they were impotent. After searching far beyond, the gold was still not found, and a lot of the Arawak people were killed for not finding anything of what Columbus was looking for.

After Columbus, came Bartolome, he participated in the conquest of Cuba, but gave up and became a critic. Bartolome wanted to swap the Arawak people to black slaves, because he thought they were stronger and better workers.

Among the evidence that Zinn cites about the Arawak slaves, are that the Arawaks were dying in the millions, from 8 million to less than a million. The greed and findings by Christopher Columbus's expeditions led to the massacre, deception and brutality of the Arawak people. All that for the need of space, land, and most of all GREED!

Howard Zinn thinks that we should believe about what Christopher Columbus did to those slaves to become famous. Second of all, Zinn is not really being agreeable toward Columbus and his actions toward fame and power. The...