Permanent Scars

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"Challenges" "How do they come up with such questions, what do they expect"? These were just two of a small sample of things I asked myself as I left the parking lot and headed home. Not even looking back knowing intuitively that I did not win the hearts of the team of 4 interviewers that day, feeling a sense of relief in a small way, I continued on with my every day life with one lingering question as to what had been asked of me that day. I did not understand it's importance or relevance in any way to the position I was just reviewed for, not until years later would I come to see the connection and finally know the answer.

I often recall this particular job interview, back when I was 19. I was young, inexperienced and looking for a better paying job. Scanning the local newspaper I had come across this position that required someone who knew the area and it's services, someone who could communicate effectively and work without direct supervision.

I felt I fit all of these requirements. I grew up in Kenora, it was a small town and there was not much for services provided so that was easy enough to know, I could carry on a conversation and at 19 or any age for that matter, who wants to work with any body looking over their shoulder, judging them all day on their performance. I sent along my resume with a great cover page about how I would best fit the position and a few of the jargon words that managers like to see on a piece of paper.

obviously it caught someone's attention or I would have never received that phone call early the next week asking to meet for an...