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When I was 14 years of age I used to see many films. Of those films I liked technical films made by Steven Spielberg and Ramgopal varma the best. Their films inspired me very much, and then I decided to become a filmmaker. I had known about film making through watching interviews of the directors, by reading books and by watching films. It needs hard work, patience and talent.

In order to make a good movie you must follow certain steps: first you must choose a story, then have a director, shoot the film, edit the film and play it before it is released.

First to make a film, a good story and a good director are needed. Generally, a story is taken from a novel or the director writes the story. Then the director chooses the actors according to story and how they fit the particular character in the film.

It makes more sense if a director produces a film.

Next, there must be a director, because he is the heart of the film. He is the one who chooses all the technians needed for making the film, such as music director, cinematographer, special effects coordinator, etc. The music director gives the background score for the movie depending on the story. But the director is the one who chooses the tunes and lyrics from the music director and the lyricist for any song of the movie.

Then starts the main part of filmmaking: shooting the movie. Shooting is nothing but recording the scenes of the film with a movie camera, where their cinematographer plays a main role. Shooting can be done with different types of cameras, such as 35mm or 70 mm cameras. Now a days we find many modern cameras with more features. The director makes...