Personal Philosophy of Knowledge

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Submit a 2450-3500-word statement of your own philosophy of knowledge. At a minimum, you should discuss knowledge's nature, purpose, means of acquisition, as well as its application from a management standpoint. The assignment must reflect familiarity with various themes covered in the readings through comparison of others' insights with your own and should include a personal action plan for acquiring and applying knowledge.

IntroductionDuring the past seven weeks, Learner has learned many new forms of knowledge, which she was not acquainted with until Philosophy 716, Knowledge, Theory and Practice. A new practice called the technique of "ba" caught her attention. Nonaka and Nishiguchi (2001) described it as a viable technique for creating knowledge. Nonaka and Nishiguchi (2001) expand the definition of knowledge to include the human aspects as "a dynamic human process of justifying personal belief toward the 'truth' (p. 14)." Throughout this paper, a summary discussion takes place about learner's understanding of knowledge, its purpose, means of acquisition, and its application from a management standpoint.

In addition, in developing her personal philosophy of knowledge, a synthesis of the aspects of knowledge management systems are applied..

Knowledge's Nature"Knowledge is power" is a common cliché. Knowledge has power and is valuable because it does not stay in minds of the people who use it. Knowledge becomes power when it is put to practice. Becerra-Fernandez states, "Viewed from this perspective, knowledge is "inherently indeterminate and continually emerging (p. 17)."The philosophy that knowledge is emerging allows learner to develop into an outstanding leader for her organization and create a dissertation that reflects her contribution to knowledge. Knowledge that is put into practice is power. If the knowledge is hoarded and lost , it will lose its power. For this reason knowledge hoarding should be avoided. Knowledge is attained when we gain...